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I just read that court case (United States Vs. US District court) and while the arrest of 3 individuals who tried to destroy a CIA building and some gov. files is awsome, I don't see how that applies to this article. I am not saying that you are wrong either, just that I do not see the big picture.

If this article is true, that's wonderful and the citizens of America and all other countries will soon be very rich. But if it is not true, (which I have a feeling it is not true), than we the people will just have to continue doing the process on our own to get back all the money the gov. has stolen from us. If you do not know what I'm talking about then research "reclaiming your state Citizenship". Until these treasonous criminals are behind bars for their crimes, every country that uses a central bank will continue to suffer and possibly have debt problems (which are illusions because the supposed gov. debt is the biggest lie in the world, there is no such thing as debt, the bankers just what you to think so).

Until that day comes, I'm remaining nuteral on this subject.