Comment: This is only the beginning...

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This is only the beginning...

"It is okay to compromise politically in order to advance a principle, but it is never okay to compromise a principle to advance politically." -Jack Hunter

Its not how you fight that matters, but who is still standing at the end. There is no such thing as fighting fair or fighting dirty, there is just fighting.

I have seen this in my own county. We have a tin god running our county party who views it as his own personnal feifdom. The party stand for nothing; the party does nothing. We are going to change that. 75% of the Precinct Committee Officers for 2012 are supporters of Liberty. We will take over the county party and send our representatives to the state level to do the same. We will take over this party one district, one county, one state at a time. The cause of liberty will prevail. Ron Paul will prevail.

Ron Paul 2012 and beyond!