Comment: The race is on and the clock is ticking!

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The race is on and the clock is ticking!

I appeared as a co-host on the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul's 'Language of Liberty' broadcast this week and had the opportunity to appeal directly to guest Adam Kokesh to join Tatiana Moroz, Dr. Tom Woods, Jordan Page, Jason Rink and CVRP in helping raise awareness of this project. Here's the show:

I also issued a challenge this week, inspired by Tom Woods' great matching donation challenge...I will insert into my will that MY GOOD BRICK HOUSE ON A HALF ACRE will go after I'm gone to whoever generates enough views of my blog or even donates directly to complete my fundraising goal by the end of the month, or their favorite charitable organization.

Since I'll still need to physically get my vehicle to and from Freedom Motors in Michigan, as well as to generate funds to support expenses for the trip to Tampa, I added an option to the challenge: if we reach $30,000, I'll add my firearms, art, and other possesions that would otherwise be willed to my friends.

If it's done by June 30, I'll still have a good chance to make it to Tampa to join my brothers and sisters in Liberty as a friend, liberty activist and New Media journalist to support the cause.

Here's my challenge on my blog; I made it a sticky post right up top:

Also, I published an article in the American Daily Herald this week BEFORE this horribly fishy Rand Paul/Mittens Romney business came out:

Folks, this is important far beyond the unjust situation that imprisoned me in my home. I can make a contribution using my abilities as a communicator and journalist to help persuade the public that it's in EVERYONE'S best interest to reclaim our liberties and maintain a truly free market.

But I need to be released from this prison first...there's only so much I can do from my desk. I am scratching at the walls for the chance to get out and get busy. I hope you'll aid me in this and tell your friends and family about this cause.

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H. L. Mencken