Comment: Now it's time to move on and WIN!!!

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Now it's time to move on and WIN!!!

Rand Paul is not Ron Paul and we shouldn't care what Rand does. Don't let this take your power away from you. Ron Paul stated earlier that we don't have enough delegates. Well, lets go to work everyone. Those delegates are unbound. Go after them! There still is time.

As far as I am concerned Rand is just another politician that happened to endorse Romney. There were many that did. So, why is he so important? This does not change anything. Other than it became a huge distraction for many of us. You can bet this kind of distraction was exactly what Romney was hoping for... that we would all become so discouraged that we would simply give up, or lose our momentum for getting more delegates. So, lets go out there and recruit those delegates!

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson