Comment: haha maybe a pro wrestling style family drama is being made?

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haha maybe a pro wrestling style family drama is being made?

so Rand betrays father, Ron vows to fight til the death and disowns his son, maybe someone shoots a blank at ron and he goes to "the hospital" where Rand doesn't visit. Ron recovers proving his vigorous health and stresses that liberty lovers join his Florida party. Ron is not invited to speak at the convention but Rand is. Rand comes out to speak and tells the TRUTH. He talks about the disgusting elements of the Republican party that have tried to get him to join their side. And he exposes Romney and the bilderbergers, etc. in the speech of the century where he disowns his endorsement of Mittens and says what our country needs now is a true conservative that will follow the constitution, not the corporations. it would be a speech that leaves the convention chanting "President Paul, President Paul" after which the doctor walks up on stage and gives his son an embrace before addressing the standing ovation with more of the truth! laying out clearly before the crowd how romney is exactly like the obama that they claim they are trying to get rid of...

... Rand, you've got a chance to join your father in sainthood, DO IT!!!! (and if you seriously disagree with your father on some of the big issues, please: just ask him to explain to you why you are wrong)