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From my son: "Just got back

From my son: "Just got back from the convention. We lost. No motions could be made by the floor AT ALL. It was all decided and voted for by the committee the day before. The nays from the floor were quite loud, but the chair ruled in favor of the Yays.

The only way ANYTHING could be heard from the floor is by getting 50 delegations (chairmen) to put their signatures to the motion. Earlier the higher ups told the chairmen NOT TO SIGN ANYTHING. I'm sure it was in anticipation of us trying to get 50 signatures because we tried to put a motion on the floor. All we wanted was the same percentage of delegates based on the percent of popular vote Paul got in the Primary this year (6 delegates). Just a drop in the barrel really. We couldn't get the 50. We only could get 41, but remember that's 41 chairmen that are going to be questioned why they sided with the Paul people and not their own central committee. So they showed some balls there.

We were up against Goliath though. IL is solid Romney. I think there's only 1 or 2 counties where Romney didn't sweep the CD delegates during the Primary. We tried very hard at the convention, but we there were too many zombies. In '08 we had around 43-45 delegates which represented 6% of the total delegation. This year we had, I think, 225 delegates which represented 18%. In this year's Primary, the Diebold machines gave us 9% of the popular.

My county chairwoman didn't even show to the convention and she was the only one to upgrade me from alternate to delegate (along with 3 other from my county) I tried EVERYTHING. I went to every table, asked every person what to do. I called her personal cell phone and left messages 3 times. I was told she didn't appoint a proxy either. I kept asking questions as the deadline to be upgraded was coming up fast. I got someone at the registration desk to come with me to the in-progress credentials committee meeting. With stares of "what the hell is this guy doing", I announce that I was very sorry to interrupt like this but my chairwoman hasn't shown, she didn't appoint a proxy and the deadline to be upgraded is coming up. I was told I was "out of order" but they would talk to me later. I can't remember the guy's name, he was one of the speakers too I believe, but I apologized to him about barging in like that, but I had no other option. I explained to him the situation and he said there's nothing he can do. Deflated, I tried to be diplomatic and told him how sorry I was (and I honestly was) that I kinda just barged in to the meeting and that it was only because there was a deadline and I had done everything possible to go through the process. I just wanted my voice to be heard after every thing I went through and meant no disrespect. His facial expressions and body language confirmed the truth when he said not to worry about it and that he understood.

Turns out that my chairwoman DID have a proxy. At this point I'm trying to keep my voice down because I've really had enough from these people. He said there was nothing to be done, but I didn't let it go. Knowing that he couldn't just brush me off, he started to think about what he could do. It turns out all that was needed was for him to go to the registration table and fill out a form. OMG I was ready to bang my head against something. I took advantage of this and made sure the 3 other people in my county were promoted from alternate to delegate also.

My county heads are Romney people, but they were willing to work with me, and in the end that's all I really wanted when I went to the convention. Well, I wanted a win, but I guess then you could say all I really required from the people in charge was to let my voice be heard. If I vote for something and lose, I'll try again. If I don't even get a chance to vote because of some kind of prejudice, then I'll get pissed.

So in the end, we lost and I'm pissed about that, but; we had a little more than 5 times as many delegates as we did in '08, we showed that someone CAN show up as a guest during the actual convention and be appointed as a delegate or alternate right then and there, we learned the importance of going to a convention and being stealth, I took a picture of mom's candidate comparison sheets (I won't go into who may have done all the work on those because I'll never hear the end of it) that were at the Ron Paul table. It's just cool to see someone's work actually being put to use. No cops were called, and we learned a lot. Not the conclusion I wanted at all, but if I don't concentrate on the things that did work then I just paid $50 and worked my ass off for 2 days just to shout "no" once.