Comment: --- chipin is MAXED --- THANKS and SHOUTS OUT - LLST

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--- chipin is MAXED --- THANKS and SHOUTS OUT - LLST

The Liberty Live Stream Team wishes to thank:, John Ramsey and Preston Bates and the team for their generous donation of $547.00

All Daily Paul, Ron Paul Pizza Bombers and any others who donated to the chipin, thanks.

Brad Hunstable, CEO of Ustream for his personal and direct support and for featuring the Team logo and banner on the Frontpage "What's Hot" section of Ustream for the duration of the convention.

Ruby Tugade and Gilad for their awesome, personal support of the team from the Ustream corporate positions.

And uh ... the DAILY PAUL ! All the admins at the Daily Paul for making this a GREAT success, an AWESOME training ground producing some GREAT products for the channel as the Team heads to Tampa.

To Michael Nystrum for his selfless love and devotion to the Ron Paul and the Liberty movement and for his deep and focused attitude at all times.

To all of you, who have stood strong and continue to persevere.

In Liberty,

Liberty Live Stream Team

(See you in Tampa)

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