Comment: Who IS ... the Liberty Live Stream Team??? Signing off.

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Who IS ... the Liberty Live Stream Team??? Signing off.

Members of the Liberty Live Stream Team at the Texas State GOP Convention.

Qadoshyah Fish - Field coordinator, Cam Operator, IT, parliamentarian, (dancer)

Ezriyah Fish - Camera Operator, Stream Operator, Grip, (dancer)

Brian Young - Lead Anchor, LLST COO

Jesse Dickenson - Support Anchor, driver and Key Grip, security

Debra Dickenson - Key Grip, Asst. Cam Operator, Media Design and coordination

Shannon Grimes - Driver, Key Grip, Scout and forward, security

Casey Bryant - Driver, Grip, forward and scout, security, Sergeant at Arms, (filling in for Norayah Fish).

And all the Team members behind the scenes who you will meet in Tampa.

To all who joined us Live, and to all who supported this mission.

Liberty Live Stream Team is now signing off from the convention.

You can watch our archives here:

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