Comment: The Liberty Movement is Moving On After Tampa!!!

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The Liberty Movement is Moving On After Tampa!!!

Time Stands Still for No One Man or Famly!!

From One Act of effectively Quitting the Campaign for President on May 14th to a Second Act of a Son betraying his father and the Liberty Movement, the Paul Family has truly created a political nightmare in just 4 short week.

Jack Hunter or anyone else simply cannot defend these actions. The Liberty Movement has been deeply hurt and is now as deeply divided.

My prediction is that this very Liberty Movement will move on to others after the Tampa Convention.

There is only one Ron Paul, but after Tampa and the end of this year he will become an elder statesmen and teacher for the Liberty Movement.

A leader will be needed and my guess is that it will definitely not be Rand Paul. His actions of June 8th are burned into the hearts of the Grassroots and will never be forgiven.

A second prediction, is that many in our Movement will no longer follow the Campaign for Liberty if it is still led by John Tate and Jesse Benton. That organization will fade as a result of its' leaders and others will be started to carry the torch.

Our Movement is made up of us, the people, not one man or one Family.