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I brought up NDAA-HR-347--CISPA all I got from my fellow campaigners was, " shut up and be quiet, you don't want to ruin it for Dr. Paul..."

Okay so we get tyranny, and THIS is the payoff... Horse(bleep!) What was the point of the last four eight years? To give up, just when we were about to use our delegates and influence at the grassroots level to change the fascist state of this country. No explanation is justifiable. None!

We were so wrapped up in the campaign that we were silent and they got a free hand to take us further down the road to perdition. And now those who would rally to fight and defend the republic are defeated by the betrayal of an inept (once again) or worse, an inauthentic shell/con game. I never thought it could get any worse than the last campaign, I was sorrowfully mistaken. Dammit!