Comment: What if the GOP Nominee had

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What if the GOP Nominee had

What if the GOP Nominee had been Hitler?

Make whatever excuse you want, Jack, but it illustrates just how failed this plan to run within the GOP really was. It forces this unique movement to whore itself, and thereby completely destroy it. The only thing that actually seperates our movement from Mitt Romney's is that WE DON'T PLAY POLITICS in the way that they do. The reason they're corrupted is because they do play politics.

Rand Paul being intellectually dishonest, supporting and defending the unconstitutional Mitt Romney is nothing to be proud of and indeed I'm no longer a supporter of Rand Paul. Rand Paul made his choice. He chose MITT ROMNEY.

I could care less about Rand Paul, the GOP, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. All of them can rot in the hell that they will have a huge hand in creating.