Comment: The two people being so negative

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The two people being so negative

have been here all of 48 weeks and 24 weeks. They are neither wise nor do they understand strategy however they do both understand nasty. I call troll! They have not been here long enough to understand this movement and I personally find them nothing but offensive and rude. It sounds like we have two kinds of trolls on this site now. We seem to have a group of Libertarian types who seem to only believe liberty is for libertarians and no one else. We also seem to have a new type of troll that believes anyone in this movement who is taking the message of liberty to any other Republican using any different method is a Judas. Nah! Not falling for it. Sounds like the trolls are trying to contain our message. I say good for Rand for being willing to take the message of liberty to the Tea Party any way he chooses to do it (they are actually not happy with the establishment either). Anyone who is disturbed by the message of liberty being taken to any other person in any way possible is a troll. Liberty is not for any group it is for any individual, who has breath, anywhere in the world. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. You think the Lord only cares about the American people? no he loves all his creation! this not a r[hate]ution. It is a r[love]ution. To much hate going on around here lately. The movement is about us if you don't like the way rand spreads liberty find a way to do it yourself.