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Comment: How about DailyLiberty?

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How about DailyLiberty?

Ron Paul may turn out to be playing a part and this is something that all of us must consider if we are truly smart freethinkers and not idol worshipers. I have serious questions that need to be answered.

1)I believe the voting process is rigged, so how did RP even win his district each time?

2)Why was RP ever allowed to debate?

3)Why did RP repond to Wolf Blitzer in an interview that he might support the nominee if they changed some of their views? He was still in the race at the time and did he really believe that these establishment neocons would keep their word?

4)How come the campaign never challenged the election fraud that was obvious in some places? It makes no sense at all. People on this site kept saying that it would make us look like sore losers. That was a bull@#$# excuse. Look at where we are now!

5)If Ron Paul and his family have been threatened, why not shout it to the world? You think that any person with sense who is trying to ruin the money making interests of the elite would assume that threats and every other type of sinister actions would be taken to stop them. Why choose to take on the fed so strongly and not expect to be JFK'd?

6)Did anyone think that insider former Bush advisors like Doug Wead were trustworthy and pure all of a sudden? Not me!

7)Why Ron didn't you push the fact that you had by far the most donations from active duty military members?

I'd like to believe that Ron Paul is genuine because I've always thought that he is. His problem may be that he is too humble, too trusting, and maybe even a little bit naive. My fear is that he will fade away just like Ross Perot because of the threats and his sonny boy Rand will fall in lock step with the establishment to protect his own neck.