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I never understood

why Ron Paul does not use this site as his media. If MSM does not like him, why does not he go where he is liked. In this way, he would give a boost to Daily Paul which is a good media, and we might get a snowball effect, a positive one. It is called a positive feedback in control theory By using the positive feedback, we might move the system to another stable point - a good one.

Isn't it what the free market is about? If someone does not work properly like MSM, go to the competition?

Why Michael does not try to reach Ron Paul, get some honest answers from him for a start about the campaign, and where things went wrong if he knows (and can tell without risking his life), and discuss possible collaboration in future? Ron Paul said he wanted to spread his ideas, why would not he spread them on Daily Paul? We could have discussions with him here. We understand him much better than his son Rand :) Actually, where else could he go (if he does not become a president)?