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In spite

of everything that has happened, listening to Penny Freeman's interview, which I believe about 99% of, Rand endorsing Romney, and all the oddities that came from this campaign I have a burning question.

If Ron Paul has cut some kind of deal why hasn't he just announced he is dropping out and endorsing Romney?

How could he give this kind of speech at the Texas Convention and plan to endorse Romney. There would be no reason to rack up the delegates.

His campaign is strangely silent. nothing from Wead, only person we have heard from is Jack Hunter in support of Rand.

Something went down here, and it was recent. Ron may have just recently found out he was sabotaged from within, by people in his own family, Benton and Rand, in my opinion.

Can you imagine how he might feel right now.

If my theory is right, and I'm not sure it is, he would have to come out and expose the treachery.

I also believe Penny Freeman when she said she had inside info, some even from his own family members about Benton.

I just want you all to know that all I am doing is sharing my thoughts.

Is it possible Ron has now disconnected himself from his campaign.

God I am so confused!