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Thank you for a great ride, and for 8 years of support!

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Thanks for starting the DP. This has been my hub to sanity and honesty for just about 5 years. Ive made the front page twice and felt like a rock star for a day both times! :)

I would never change the name. Ron Paul should be honored in that small way. That being said, I come here for more than Ron Paul. DP covers all the things that I hold dear to my heart. News on violations and usurpation of our rights, news about war and economics. This community is awesome. Smart, driven.. principled. When I posted that I was robbed I got an email from a member offering to send me a few bucks. (I declined, but how awesome is that?!)

I love the DP. This is my first stop everyday. Whatever you ultimately decide, I hope the DP lives on for many years. I honestly dont know where I would go if the DP shutters. I was on RPF until after the last campaign. It got so full of conspiracy nutso's that I started coming here more often. There are still conspiracy people, but its not as bad.

Thanks again Mr. Nystrom. I hope you enjoy your trip. It is certainly well deserved!!

In Liberty,

P. Nicholson

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul