Comment: Blissful Intelligence

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Blissful Intelligence

So I guess those who believe Ron Paul is endorsing Mitt are the intelligent ones?

Or are you saying that if Rand's endorsement is right Ron Paul is wrong NOT to have endorsed Mitt?

Or are you hoping for Ron Paul to endorse Mittens so that he'll be as intelligent as you and can play the neo-con game?

What are Ron Paul's principles? What are Mitten's? What are Rand's? Have you been there, or are you still duped by the left-right dichotomy?

Here's a reminder: one day after Rand's endorsement Ron Paul stated (in Texas) that the only way for unity is if the GOP unites behind the Constitution. He said he cannot support anything other than that. Rand Paul has abandoned his father's message and did what the neo-con infiltrators bid him to do.

These infiltrators have been caught out. Now it's up to you to act intelligently.