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Think of everything you know up until now! I'm not a muslim, christian, jew, hindu, or have an religious background. Think of everything you know about Ron Paul, religion, and history. You may not want to hear this but Ron Paul's life is truly in danger. Think about everything he is doing with the grass roots movement. This involves everyone from Ghandi to MLK. Every religion from christianity to hinduism. Just think about it. We are now a generation that believes in everything Ron Paul says because its true. We see the existence of extra terrestrials showing up, yet some do not believe. What do you think is going on? We are reliving history! Just think about it. We now have a leader that we follow that tells us nothing but the truth, he wants to end wars,give us wealth, and wants to free people in prison who have not committed a violent offense. Ron Paul is doing exactly what every true leader has done in history. Tell the truth, minister to people,... and die. He hasn't gone against anyone or endorsed anyone. Ron Paul hasn't done anything wrong at all. The grass roots movement is purely set up to get the youth into the Republican party simply because they will not go against his message of liberty. There's a reason that this Occupy Movement is over. This Rand Paul thing is nothing but a ploy. Its not going to be easy but we need to get something like RONY2012 OR #RONPAUL trending on twitter. This election is too important for people not to be concerned,and people are back on the internet. there is no way that anyone would disagree with what he says. We can promote him!!! Ron Paul himself said this same thing, this is the reason why the internet was created it is a freeway for communication of an idea! Twitter may be the only way possible to get Ron Paul in office. Ron Paul may not make it but the message of liberty will live on. This year is it! This is a coming of a new age! We can either stand up or perish.