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So your argument

is that if 1 man in a black robe decides that he thinks it is a power of Congress, despite the constitution specifically saying otherwise, that his 'opinion' matters? I could care less what the 'public servants' on the bench claim TODAY. The Constitution does not allow direct un-apportioned tax on the people. PERIOD. Income is outside the Constitution. All you need to know to figure this out is, "People exist without government, government does NOT exist without people", and 'There is 2 forms of Law on Earth and 2 only. God's Law as the Sovereign and Master of the Universe, and Man's 'statute'. Does 'Man' have the right to force his will on another 'Man'? NO Therefore it is by his 'consent' that such law applies to him. And what is 'Consent'? Contract law, you entered some 'contract' with another 'entity'. It creates a duty,obligation, on you as the 'agent' of that legal person. You are compelled to perform. Question is, 'What is the nature of the contract'. Generally most People in America have 1 contract signed by the government, your LIVE BIRTH RECORD. NOT to be used for ID, which you turn around and use as ID to get SSI,Drivers license,voter registration, signed BY YOU. (See trust law, signer is trustee (slave of beneficiary). The All cap name is part of you indirectly. It is a because you 'register' your name with the government, which is obliged to protect your RIGHTS and PROPERTY, that THEY become the 'legal' titleholder (trustee), whilst YOU hold 'equitable' title to the name. Because the Government is the 'legal' title holder, they create a 'usufruct' to which THEY are the 'usufructory', and the beneficiary. Use the 'government' construct JOHN DOE, and you are a 'government employee', Subject to 'corporation' rules. Art 1:8:14, To make RULES for government................Very simple and in plain site. But who pays attention to reality with you can 'watch' it on TV. :)