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The Constitution does NOT

The Constitution does NOT prohibit the States from instituting a direct un-apportioned tax on the people. It only prohibits the federal government from taxing the State's citizens directly, un-apportioned. But in 1868 the federal government became a State, with its OWN citizens, the Constitution was changed, something is not the same as it originally was. And the court's opinion is that the 16h Amendment created nothing new, a State has always had the right to institute a direct tax upon its OWN citizens, nothing in the Constitution prohibits that, and in fact the 10th Amendment supports such. The federal government is not taxing citizens of other States, that would be prohibited by the Constitution. It is only taxing ITS OWN citizens, US Citizens. And it is by consent that the people are citizens of the United States. US Citizenship is voluntary and can be removed if you do not desire it.

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