Comment: Homebase in Oklahoma - LLST home, Safe and Sound.

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Homebase in Oklahoma - LLST home, Safe and Sound.

The seven members of the Liberty Live Stream Team are safely home, and resting today.

At least one member of the team is recovering from Pizza overdose, thanks you Pizza Bombers!

Throughout the day, members of the Team will be studying this thread and it's comments and replys, and will be available to answer your questions and discuss their eye witness reports from the Texas State GOP convention.

We examine the Texas State GOP convention from the after the fact perspective throughout the day in this thread. As people study the archives the Team has made of the Live Stream clips, you will see things happening that you can advise the Team upon.

As a Team, we can learn a lot from the members of Daily Paul and the participants in this thread as we prepare to Live Stream the "Paul Fest" and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida in late August.

We welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions as to how we can provide you with more efficient and more focused and memorable coverage while the Team Live Streams in Tampa at the RNC.

ONWARD ! to the RNC in Tampa.

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