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rand is leaning towards the right more and more but i dont think hes evil just yet. first off from the start rand was never a libertarian like his father so we have to remember that. for most social issues he is conservative, not pro gay marriage, not even pro state law sometimes. hes normally socially conservative and we have to remember that- with that said- their voting record IS going to be different and 90% being rands worse year (2012 according to doesnt really seem to shabby. i mean of course who wouldnt rather have an a+ but an a- isnt shameful. rightfully he did say that he would eventually support the GOP nomination no matter who it was- rand has also ALWAYS been speerheading the movement to remove obama, have anyone in office office in 2012 that was anti obama etc. he just hates obama, too him and his true fans/followers their doing the right thing. their campaigning to beat obama which honestly seems like the real tea party to me from the start. i appreciate the tea party, i do. but their motives AT THE START were not really to change the republican party, it was anger towards the upcoming possibility of obama and/or hilary. but there is something that DOES piss me off that NO ONE is pointing out. rand couldve done this next week and changed EVERYTHING. by doing this this week and that very day (the 7th i believe) paul was at the texas state convention, the convention was going away and the kentucky state convention which is rands home state was about to take place the following day. the statement was expected- the timing was truly not and it truly fractured people and honestly probobly discouraged ALOT of people in kentucky to not show up. he wont want to talk about that though. in conclusion people- be VERY sketched out and prepare for rands political moves and new relationships. i dont think he has sold out but his voting record this year will attest to it because honestly thats the most important thing