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Comment: when it comes to this guy I set and watched him make a post

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when it comes to this guy I set and watched him make a post

and then right after he upped it 4 times when tam made a post as soon as he made the post the guy downed it 4 time actually set and watched it with my own eyes. Its more about the upping and downing not about how he feels about the endorsement why am calling him a troll many people have disagreed with Rands decision and I have not down voted them but I will down vote someone who makes multiple accounts to make their post seem more like the popular point of view. no matter who wins be it Obama or Mitt you will be glade when there is a Rand Paul in the senate to vote against it. He is not for the NDAA and someone who has been here as long as me should know that. He is not indorsing Romney to say he agrees with him. He is saying he is indorsing him to dispel the lie that most of the non-establishment (Tea Party) sheep have fallen for (that the Paul's are not really Republicans). This is how they label you a Third party or a liberal I am glad rand did not fall for this trap and it will pay off big in the future wait and see.