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SURIYAHFISH "brand" for Liberty Live Stream Team

Ms. Suriyah Fish is absolutely a member of the Fish family. Suriyah's sister is a delegate to the Republican National Convention representing the National delegation from the great State of Oklahoma.

During the Texas State GOP convention Liberty Live Stream Team asignment and mission, Ms. Suriyah Fish was acting as support, technical adviser and Stream moderator, etc ... in support of the Team "in the field", for the Texas GOP convention assignment, (mission).

Ms. Suriyah Fish, is the member of the Fish family that kicked off the Team by opening a account under her name, to Stream the events at the Oklahoma State GOP convention, this is the channel on Ustream that she opened, created/owns : SURIYAHFISH

Ms. Suriyah Fish has developed the "Liberty Live Stream Team", under the "brand" of her channel.

The Young family, the Fish family and the Dickinson families are all a part of the "Liberty Live Stream Team" going forward to Tampa, Florida and the Paul Fest, where the Team will Live Stream, interview, etc ... at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

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