Comment: It's a good idea to study

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It's a good idea to study

It's a good idea to study history and see how political movements succeed and fail. A success does not happen in one swift round of browbeating the establishment into submission.

And then grow some fortitude. We need people who can think rationally and long term, not bounce perpetually between elation and tearful depression.

Jack Hunter offers a very rational analysis of the situation, suggesting briefly how the long term pros of Rand endorsing Romney at the moment outweighs the cons. I don't claim to know whether he's right. But it's a lot more rational than screaming emotional laden lines that implies your candidate has to be God himself. So far I have not read a negative response from anyone who has offered any sort of detailed rational analysis. I'm not a political expert, so I'm not the one to be able to offer it. I suppose I'm just expressing my distaste for the shallow thinking that has begun to pervade this forum.