Comment: Delegate strategy is not "doomed to fail".

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Delegate strategy is not "doomed to fail".

Do you define failure as not securing the Republican nomination for President?

I don't think Dr. Paul ever defined failure that way. Securing the nomination would be part of success, but success is a set {x1, x2, ...xn} that includes much more than winning the general election or the nomination.

Lets hear it for some FACTUAL successes:

  • Exceeding the raw and percentage vote in almost every primary vs. '08
  • Winning state convention majorities in many states - like Minnesota & Maine
  • Bringing transparency to the process (thank you to the Missouri folks who had to endure police oppression), and exposing fraud (Iowa, Nevada, etc.)
  • Taking over state party organizations (again, the above states are examples, and I believe inroads were made into Alaska).
  • Showing ourselves to be a block the Republicans can count on to delivery victory...OR DEFEAT!

The last bullet refers to something that really began in '06. In 2006, there was no shift to the left, there was just a lot of disappointment with Republican sell-outs to K-Street culture and Theocratic extremists (i.e. I can't find Terri Shiavo's feeding tube in the Constitution), so Republicans learned a lesson: for the first time since '94, they lost the house!

In '10, with some - and I emphasize some - Republican lesson-learning, and some fresh faces like Scott Walker who weren't beholden to the ancien regime of the GOP - a new mandate was delivered. (Unfortunately, that gave Titlist & Kleenex endorser John Boehner the gavel, but we plod on.) Will they keep it? That's up to them - but we not give them a blank check.

The closest German political approximation has done the same thing. The Free Democratic Party, which is relatively free market for a Western European state, currently is in coalition with Merkel; however, in the '80s, it did side with the left. Now, it's back on the right. That shows the threat to not go-along with the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) no matter what is a credible threat.

If Romney wants us - he'll have to work for it (and even then he won't get some of us). That's healthy. That's competition and accountability.