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I wish I would have watched Dr Paul's speech before Rand endorsed Romney. Ron Paul HAS NOT CONCEDED! Ron Paul IS STILL RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! This speech was probably one of the strongest he has ever given. Anyone that has NOT watched it should do so immediately. I no longer have any questions about Ron Paul going ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE CONVENTION! We must ALL understand that he is standing stronger at this moment than he ever has before! He knows what will happen if Romney or Obama can hear him tell us in every word, every phrase and every gesture of that speech. HE IS IN IT TO WIN and WILL NOT COMPRISE! Forget Rand and what the campaign is saying. We are at the top of the game right now and need to fight the hardest that we can to win delegates and take EVERY SINGLE ONE to Tampa!

Stay the Course! We need to find a way to contribute to make sure that every delegate and alternate who needs financial help for transportation etc to make sure they get there. This is our chance to show the corrupt political system that we are taking back our country. Our LAST CHANCE and we have NOTHING TO LOSE!!

Several RP delegates that were present for Dr Paul's speech said that even the Ronmey delegates had tears from this speech. We won't know if he may have won the nomination IF WE DON'T TRY! If delegates had given up on JFK he never would have become President...Johnson and the establishment knew that he had NO CHANCE of winning but that did NOT stop Kennedy from running around the country gathering delegates and it did not stop the delegates from going to the convention and winning it for their candidate! It is now up to US to finish what we started and WIN or LOSE, the Powers That Be will know that we have JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT! RON PAUL 2012!!!