Comment: Traitors, sinners and the ignorant

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Traitors, sinners and the ignorant

Rand Paul is not a traitor nor is he ignorant. We are all sinners.

Getting in bed with the enemy would be sponsoring Goldman Sachs legislation. It would be shilling fr the fed or beating the war drums. Endorsing the GOP nominee is not selling out. Taking over the party only to destroy it is. Many here want just that, destroy the party that rejected Ron Paul, only to destroy the work of all those honest men and women that fought this fight before us. Seems pretty arrogant to me that we would destroy a party and leave the chaos to our posterity, along with the debt and wars.

Rand Paul is not ignorant to how politics work, how they really work and not we want it to work. What we want to work failed, our vision did not materialize and now those who intend to carry on over the next few decades are doing what is rational. Not to us, we dont count. If we wanted to be catered to we would have won, we did not.

Lastly, for those who want use slurs and accusations.....listen to Ron Paul. He is clear on this subject and quite frankly Dr.Paul is probably embarrassed by your acts, I am.

Explain this - How does destroying the GOP help my grandchildren to live within their means and pay OUR debt back.....we are not going to pay our bills and our posterity is. Why do so many here want to see our posterity stuck with all OUR debt and no party by which to advocate change ?

Selfish, plain and simple.