Comment: First $1,000 contributed to Gary Johnson

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First $1,000 contributed to Gary Johnson

Hey Rand, Today I unsubscribed off of your spam Email list.

Also, in order to avoid the positive effects that you hoped to provide Rombot Mittens by your endorsements, I sent Gary Johnson $1,000. But, I'm not finished, I'll send more later. And, I'm going to put the recruiting and fund raising efforts that I'd directed towards your and your father's campaign towards Gary Johnson's campaign. So, any benefit to Romney, and by transfer -- to your political future, that might have been recognized by your endorsement, will hopefully be negated when independents are encouraged to support Gary Johnson.

Rand, now you aren't anything but a small town physician without a set of ideals and a group of loyal supporters that temporarily is a Senator. It is a shame that you lost sight of this when you abandoned us to help that despicable excuse for a human being known as Mitt Romney.

Before your endorsement of Mitt Romney, I was looking forward to Rand Paul 2016.

By the way, my contributions to the RP 2012 campaign can be verified on the federal website.

Scott McMillan