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I am actually more surprised

I am actually more surprised at the hostility towards Rand, but then I realize that it is hard for some to understand the opposition we face. Granted, if all of the elections towards the nomination were conducted fairly, Dr. Ron Paul would easily be sweeping the nation right now; but this is not the case. Dr. Paul is a torchbearer, and he was able to expose this deep corruption to us.

My initial reaction to Rand's endorsement was that of clever admiration; even though it was hard to swallow. I do understand that it is hard to see if one does not realize how corrupt the whole system is; one could easily knee jerk and take it at surface value. Even though Rand's 'endorsement' was not what any of us wanted to hear, it is an evolution of strategy in order for the message to permeate.

People, realize the opposition we face, and remember the Trojan Horse.