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I think that is pretty

I think that is pretty meritless.

The truth is far more likely that Ron's intention is fully about passing the torch to Rand. I think that is almost 100% exactly what is going on. Rand endorses Romney, builds his credibility within the party, which gives him power to make a difference. It's not exactly honesty in politics, but how often does that happen anyway?

I clearly would have preferred that at least Ron Paul would have gotten behind Johnson. But that would have really undercut Rand's career path and would have absolutely cost Romney the election, if not to Johnson, certainlyt to Obama. Paul would be branded a traitor by the Republicans, Rand would be tied to that forever. I'd like to think that I'd be more idealistic than that, but if it were my son's career on the line, I don't know for sure what I'd do.

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