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Ron Paul wants to keep the

Ron Paul wants to keep the revolution within the confines of the party and I think this was is part of the strategy.

If anything these last two elections have exposed how crooked the establishment GOP truly is and how our government probably has the new POTUS determined well before campaigning begins. I see no reason why RP campaign still thinks it necessary to work with the party that has a long history of cheating and censoring him. I don't want to speak for anyone else here, but I am not a Republican simply voting Republican: I am voting for MY candidate because he is the true voice of the people. Rand's endorsement of Romney is a very short-sighted strategy that assumes Ron Paul supporters = Rand Paul supporters. Like many I am skeptical of Rand, but if were to see him stick by his father's side and support our causes to the end of the elections no matter what the outcome, he would have won my vote in 2016.

Now, I just wonder how much of this strategy was Ron's idea and how much is Rand's creation.