Comment: look at his own words in writing

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look at his own words in writing

"...Sen. Paul has said for months he would endorse the Republican presidential nominee. I completely agree with this decision. In fact, I didn’t even consider it an option to do otherwise–not for me, not for Sen. Paul, certainly not for Romney, but for the good of our movement..."
Jack Hunter

What is he saying? He has no other option but to support the necon puppet establishment nominee? WHAT??? Sounds like the Ron Paul campaign has at least one shill who never had a conviction to this campaign or to winning or to change the system as flawed as it is. This is a tragedy. This guy didn't sell out...he has ALWAYS been a sell out just like Rand. No wonder he wants to give us excuses and states it would take so long to try and convince true people dedicated to freedom. In his own words he has just admitted he was committed to the status quo. He might as well have said he will vote for obama. Same thing.

This shows clearly why this country and many other are in trouble. Too many people like Rand and Jack propping up the corruption. How are we going to change things? Each person needs to do the right thing. Don't be a follower unless it is to follow your truth.