Comment: Jack, you're still a sellout.

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Jack, you're still a sellout.

THE thing, not a thing or some thing or one of a few things, but --->THE<--- thing that makes Ron the center of the liberty movement today is the unwavering integrity he has shown over the last 30+ years.

Although I don't hold his son to the same standard, I'm not voting for his son in the first place.

I know for a fact that the liberty movement would not have rallied behind his son, and now never, EVER, possibly could again, because it is now impossible for Rand to get the 30+ years of unflinching devotion to pure liberty.

He ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, threw that away last week.

Rand's career is OVER. You drastically underestimate the amount of damage this has done to him.

It was very literally a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater... You don't give up the one thing that makes you special just to advance. That's the very definition of selling out.

R.I.P Rand's Career.