Comment: Now that you have crashed and burned

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Now that you have crashed and burned

Which was kind of inevitable for a number of reasons.
1. You are true believers, unable or unwilling to give any value to ideas that come from "outside"

2. You do not understand the nature of humans. Humans are groupish not solitary individuals living only for themselves and their friends. As Sun Tzu would say, if you do not understand the nature of the problem/enemy and yourself then you are doomed to defeat.

3. Enter the two words orwells boot into any search engine. The first article or two that comes up, under the name factotum666, or will be mine. Follow the link at the top to xfool... and when you click there click on the Human TOE off to the right. But only do that if you have a long attention span, as it is 32K words, unlike the article of orwells boot. By the way, that article pretty much explains why this effort failed. In detail. The second one offers some possible paths to success.

4. I attempted to give the campaign a club with which to beat Romney. It was rejected. Oh well. Here is the club Not only does it offer a free market solution to the housing/foreclosure problem, but it also offers a way to subvert the fed and re-establish a commodity and community based banking system.