Comment: It would be nice if I could be as idealistic as you.

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It would be nice if I could be as idealistic as you.

however in my precinct we have 50% unemployment for young people between the ages of 18 and 25. What good is freedom when you have no job, no money and no future. The hobos that ran trains in the 30s certainly had freedom but I don't consider that to be a step forward in society.

If I was to go to my district and tell those young people the most pressing problem we have is an unbalanced budget I would be the laughing stock of the whole County and rightfully so.

Have you ever considered the idea that an anarco – capitalism is just a theory that no longer works I mean consider the Bush tax cuts they been a complete failure haven't they.Have you not considered the fact that jobs are just becoming obsolete we are being replaced by computers and robots why is it that you the first thing you libertarian/neocons want to target is not the big banks or corporate welfare.

No the first thing you want to target or poor people because they are the most vulnerable in our society and they are the easiest ones to balance the budget off their backs.

Socialist/ Communist call me anything you like just don't call me late for supper.