Comment: Jack does this thing where he

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Jack does this thing where he

Jack does this thing where he makes comparisons without looking at the all aspects of the comparison.

Jack himself mentiosn that during Robertson's run, the Republican party was already socially-conservative leaning...they were pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian, anti-gay, etc. Robertson's group just pushed them over the edge, but the party was already there.

The Republican party of today is fisically paleoconservative on taxes alone. But otherwise, they are not at all conservative. They are still largely pro-military, pro-war, very pro-corporatism, pro-social engineering, very socially conservative, pro-government as a moral conscius, etc.

It isn't a sound comparison. People were saying the same thing about Goldwater. That when he lost, the movenment would live on. What happened there? All those youth who were anti-entitlement, small government lovers just faded away....

Jack has this thing where he takes anything the Pauls say as gospel. Especially after they gave him business, he venerates them, even when they make wrong statements....

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