Comment: Mass Arrests come. Europe engages in Recollateralization.

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Mass Arrests come. Europe engages in Recollateralization.

So you don't believe in even Heneghan or the Guardian press, but how about Reuters news wire.......

Italy's largest bank BNI freezes accounts, customers have no access for 30 days with balances zeroed out

RMB European settlement to repatriate, equal to Asia Pacific region

Reagan Mitterand Global Settlements adjudicated in court

""The Eurogroup has been informed that the Spanish authorities will present a formal request shortly and is willing to respond favourably to such a request. The financial assistance would be provided by the EFSF/ESM for recapitalisation(collateral) of financial institutions. The loan will be scaled to provide an effective backstop covering for all possible capital requirements estimated by the diagnostic exercise which the Spanish authorities have commissioned to the external evaluators and the international auditors. The loan amount must cover estimated capital requirements with an additional safety margin, estimated as summing up to EUR 100 billion in total.""

Folks, all this time have you figured this was a sick joke!?!?
I have a news flash - this is all actually happening right now.

"THE PLAN" is being implemented WORLDWIDE which actually means a reset revaluation period. A reset inside banks.

I told you the Leo Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols would be implemented in a few days, and they have indeed begun, now proven.

"So what, that doesn't prove anything Drake says, no arrests!"

What about the arrests in Europe? Well now we can dismiss that criticism. These things take time, legally, and I do mean time. If you listen to the radio you'll notice Lady Dragon mentions Thierry, because they know each other, so I'm linked to this whole thing.

"How can we know or trust any of this?"
Heck, people I've never heard of before are now listening to Drake loud and clear. People in my own Church quorum who never believed a word, now follow him & I was astounded to learn that man today mentioned the bailout for Spain. He said "that whole region is turned upside down, what metals will they use going forward?"

Even the police around here and all over the west follow Drake now & know he's telling the gosh darn truth. This thing is about to blow wide open, because Leo Wanta's Reagan Mitterand Protocols have been signed as law in Europe & they are moving mineral assets & using the Euro; they have entirely dropped the dollar out of collateral!
With the arrival of the protocols settlement comes the end game; that is known as the NESARA act. 'How come you've never heard of it?' Everyone knows the bankers have silenced people & killed people to suppress this record for literally decades. The Chicago Tribune, according to Radio news, will begin investigating/reporting NESARA.

Search on Google for Patricia Johnson Holm, NESARA. I've known her since day one & she worked on this action. See C-SPAN's( hearings a day ago speaking about the "Farmer's Claims", and yep, that's NESARA.(contact learn more)
This SILVER bullet replaces the entire Federal Reserve in one stroke- it should be required reading for Ron Paul!

Stew Webb has attacked me & many, especially Drake or Tom of being cabal members. Let it be known that Stew Webb is an unbalanced loser & disinfo like Ted Gunderson. They claim to be bible believers but still practice satanic crap, so much for that BS. Let it be known that Fulford is of that same ilk & the military does not always agree with anything of his.

Just because Drake may assist to "arrest" the bad guys doesn't mean sit on your butt. Join a militia & get involved in your community, because who has any idea how this is going down. That is even what they suggest- get active! Remember this is so huge there can be no arrest timelines, the mainstream news is now covering the Spanish revaluation. With Europe collapsing under its own weight you will hear it 24/7. Above all, pray to God. He'll tell you this is real, no one else can do that for you.