Comment: Isn't there even an ounce of all of you that hopes you're wrong?

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Isn't there even an ounce of all of you that hopes you're wrong?

It seems like those that are mad at Rand HATE him, despise him, would rather he were dead than have endorsed Romney. This kind of emotional reaction leaves no room for "gee it looked really bad at first but I'm sure glad I was wrong." I just can't understand it.

Which is more likely? Despite the fact that Rand is Ron Paul's son (which says a lot), despite Rand's almost identical voting record to his father's, despite his filibustering, despite his every attempt to educate people about NDAA, the Fed, the Patriot Act, foreign aide etc every time he is on the news...despite all of that, he has recently decided to "sell out" and endorse Romney. He has received a better offer of a life of power and fortune from the elites of this government. He only recently has decided to turn his back on all the work he has done, everything he has represented up until this point, turn his back on his father and henceforth be a party hack.

Or is it more likely that, having seen how far the ideas of liberty can be spread by his father not compromising politically or on principle (which has been no small amount by any means), Rand has decided to compromise politically (NOT on principle mind you) and to see how far the ideas of liberty can be spread by "playing the game" and "working within the system." He has decided to make it appear as if he believes this two party system works and intends to play by the rules. And then, when it really counts, such as important votes in the senate, or heaven forbid, endorsing the Republican nominee in 2012 so that he can run an incredibly successful presidential campaign in 2016 and win the presidency and, making it count, proceeds to be the most libertarian president this country has seen in like 200 years. Which is more likely?

Can't we at least give him the benefit of the doubt for a short while? See where this thing goes? Hasn't his record at least earned a small amount of reticence from us in calling him a traitor and a sell out? Can't we at least HOPE that the second scenario is what's actually going on here? I am dumbfounded that people think the above first scenario is automatically and without a doubt, without any time passing to ensure it's truth, the reality...NO IFS ANDS OR BUTTS.

It makes my heart hurt for Rand. It makes my heart hurt for Ron, for him see his supporters treating his son with such disdain and disrespect before the names everyone is calling him can truly be verified. It makes me sick. It makes me sad.