Comment: Oh! So Rand Paul will be our only choice?

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Oh! So Rand Paul will be our only choice?

What makes you think flip-flopper sellout Rand Paul will be our only choice in 2016?

What makes you think the GOP will treat Rand differently in 2016 than they did Ron in 2012? Ron supported Reagan, look where it got him.

I think he will be ignored and they will fix their rules to ensure that he can't get any delegate votes in 2016.

If Romney wins, do really think the GOP will want Rand in 2016 to rail against corporatism? Puh..leeeez

What we love about Ron Paul was we could take his word to the bank. If Rand has this secret strategy, then he needs to reveal his true motives. I hate the political chess game where you make moves and feed us BS as to why you did it. Everyone excusing Rand is speculating. I want to hear it from the horse's mouth, anything less doesn't mean a hill of beans to me.