Comment: I agree 100% with this

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I agree 100% with this

I agree 100% with this analysis. Don't forget that to be "too pure" can be a kind of auto sabotage. Beside that, it is not the endorsement itself of Romney that can be a threat to the movement of liberty but the reactions of the supporters against Ron Paul and Ran Paul. I am a Canadian with a real passion for the movement of liberty and it will take me more than that to change my mind about Rand and Ron. Doesn't mean that we should be naive and blind if the circumstances change in the future. But for now, I don't think that Rand Paul just decided to give up the battle of liberty. But, I still need to warn about something that could happen in the future. If you have read the books of Richard Maybury about power and politics, he said clearly that politic power corrupts morality AND judgment. It is like in The Lord of the Ring. I don't think Ron Paul or Rand Paul could be corrupted morally but their judgment could be corrupted. It had happened to Jefferson, Adams and many others Presidents. You can be the most virtuous man in the world and still be corrupted by power. Until now, I have no reason to think that this has happened to Rand and Ron Paul. The fight for liberty is still needed.