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Comment: IDIOTS!!!

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I think you are all a bunch of IDIOTS! Rand Paul has a plan and knows what hes doing. Ill be damn proud to support him just as enthusiastically as Ive supported his father. Rand is using a very intelligent strategy to put himself in a position to win us the white house eventually. Im disgusted every time I see people trying to throw him under the bus. Divided we fall! This is nothing more than cannibalism! Eat one of youre own! You act like a bunch of winy sissy liberal reactionaries! Get it together. Get focused. And lets win the future. Lets win the fight to restore liberty and the constitution. If we gotta slap the man on the back now so we can spit in his face later so be it! By whatever means necessary I will keep fighting this fight. As Ron said so many times, Its not about the man, its about the message and restoring liberty. I love Ron and Rand! God bless em both!