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Comment: Revolt at the Convention with Paul and Palin

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Revolt at the Convention with Paul and Palin

Greetings Patriots:

Let me say up front I am a Sarah Palin supporter, who I believe, as a constitutional conservative is a first political cousin to Ron Paul, whose career I have followed. Palin is an advocate of Austrian economics, loathes big goverment, took down corrupt Republicans and Democrats in her home state, was first (besides Paul) to warn and predict Bernanke's QE2 would fail and only inflate, gave a rousing speech in the middle of an Iowa field on crony capitalism which Newt Gingrich called "historic," stood toe-to-toe against government union goons in the snow and sleet of a Wisconsin winter to support the reforms there, was the principal firebrand for the 2010 Tea Party revolution in the House, and is now single-handedly toppling old-guard RINOs in primaries by endording Tea Party oriented Senate and House Candidates. (Where was Mitt Romney?) Palin has refused to endorse Romney by name and has, to use her words "a strong libertarian streak," etc, etc. We follow her efforts very closely at conservatives 4 palin, have policy positions, and debunk smears against her.

Now to my point: There are no bound delegates in round one at the national convention. I know you have discussed this here. There is a lot of smoke on the issue, but that's all it is. There is precedent that GOP Rule 38 supercedes state bindings as interpreted by a GOP committee counsel in 2008. In 2008, a McCain delegate from Utah petitioned the committee that she wanted to vote for Romney in the first round while technically bound to McCain. She was allowed to do so setting the precedent stated above. Note that Ron Paul references "bound" delegates, this might be a deal he is cutting with Romney that his delegates (namely your compatriots) not rouse the passion of other disaffected delegates (conservatives) who are not at all pleased with yet another coronation for yet another establishment RINO. And why should they be? A usurper has bought the primary process. Patriot delegates should nullify the results and they can.

According to Rule 40(b) a plurality from each of five state delegations is required to place ANYONE's name in nomination in the first round. If no other name is placed in nomination, Romney wins by acclimation. If Ron Paul's name is placed in nomination, he will not draw enough delegates to keep Romney under 1144. Rule 40(b) does not require that the named candidate have pariticpated in the primaries. Even you or I could be nominated.

My suggestion and heartfelt plea is that you help us stop Romney. We believe that Ron Paul delegates can muster pluralities in five states to place a name in nomination. If not Ron then surely Rand Paul has struck a deal not to obstruct the Romney coronation. But that doesn't mean you have to lift the suicide chalice to your lips. I propose that you nominate Sarah Palin, I believe she is the only one that can assemble, with your help, and in consort with disaffected conservatives enough delegates in Tampa to hold Romney under 1144 on the first ballot, thereby throwing the convention open. May the best person win after that. Ron Paul could be back in the game for that matter. A revolt as I describe could cripple the GOP establishment, elevate a tough, principled leader like Palin, and bring Paul delegates into a coalition with teeth that could break the stranglehold the blue blood plutocrats have had on the GOP since Reagan. Please stop by at conservatives 4 palin and check out the facts rather than the smears. Her instincts are there, she is a constitutional conservative and calls for "sudden and relentless reform." Check out the documentary "The Undefeated" on Netflix to see the wrecking ball she took to the corrupt bastards in Alaska.

Please pass this along. I believe it is the only way to stop Romney, and to have a standard bearer who supports a large part of Ron Paul's positions. Check out Palin's warning to the GOP not to dengerate, dismiss or ignore supporters of Ron Paul. She certainly hasn't. We can do this. Spread the word.

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