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From what I can tell

based upon the comments here is that there are a LOT of drama queens in this movement. I would have thought that folks would have a little more faith in Ron and Rand. And maybe a little more humility. For myself, I see that Dr. Paul has been doing the same thing for 30 years and while he has accomplished a great and good thing in the movement he has consistently his a glass ceiling for support. Yes, he has moved the ceiling higher but this is it folks. He's done after this, retiring and hopefully enjoying it.
I wish someone would explain the sudden, absolute animosity of Rand considering his record in the senate. He's done a great job there, voting constitutionally in all things except the sanctions on Iran (I don't know if they are constitutional or not but I don't support them). We have in him someone who could, maybe, bring our brand of constitutional conservatism and libertarianism into the mainstream republican party and so many of you treat him like he's a puppy killer. He made a politically tough decision which doesn't compromise his principles as long as he continues to vote the way he's been voting. It doesn't matter if Obama stays in office or by some unholy miracle romney gets in...Rand will vote constitutionally. No one ever said that Rand was a duplicate of Ron in his beliefs. The facts are that Ron will probably not get the nomination (unless if Romney pops a blood vessel or somehow becomes ineligible.) It should be obvious that the RNC will do everything in its power at the convention to insure that Ron doesn't get a nomination and that the process goes the way the RNC wants it to go. So no Ron. Who then? Rands voting record is great. His political record is pretty good. His visibility is good and his position in the Senate is nicely defined. He is VERY close to Ron in how he votes and SOMEWHAT close to Ron in what he does politically. Admit it, Ron has endorsed NEOCONS before ( i think in 2010 ). He also understands the difference between political moves and principled stands.

The fact is sometimes you have to play the game to win it.