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people have a right to be upset. They have given money, time, sweat, even blood (literally i know people who donated plasma for extra cash to donate). I know people who have sold things dear to them to donate. I myself have made sacrifices in order to donate more money. These aren't good times, people are hurting financially. They don't have the extra money to spend or give away willy nilly, but they gave it to the campaign cause they believe in Liberty. Most people that are expressing/venting on here I am sure could have lived with the endorsement had it been with better timing and in a better way then they did. I myself have vented several times at least on the DP lashing out. I have settled down myself and I am sure the others will soon as well if not already. But to call people drama queens, is completely out of line given the circumstance. Maybe you aren't hurting for money so this is not as much of sting to you, but many of us are. They have a right to be mad when they gave their last dollars to the Liberty campaign, and then Rand turns around and endorses the devil. And the manner in which it was done really pissed people off. Rand actually says he's "HAPPY" to endorse Romney and he does it on one on the Hannity show, which everyone on DP despises. Rand should have sent a mass email to his supporter FIRST. Explained the situation then gone on to make his public announcement. And he should have waited till after the convention. The delegates have worked so hard to get where they are, this is like taking the wind out of their sails. The fight for liberty still goes on. No body is abandoning Ron Paul. Even the people who have not said nice things about him, I am certain will settle down and get back on board.