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Check EnjoiJoker's first link

11CFR 100.2 section E

(e) Caucus or Convention. A caucus or convention of a political party is an election if the caucus or convention has the authority to select a nominee for federal office on behalf of that party.

According to this, we know that the GOP Convention in Tampa is legally an "election"

And we know from 42 USC § 1971 that people may vote as they choose in a "primary election held solely or in part for the purpose of selecting or electing any such [presidential] candidate"

The key question you have been raising is one of plurality. Rule 40

"Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination."

Now how do they demonstrate the support from a plurality of the delegates from a state? If it is through a vote, then delegates from each state are unbound and Paul would reach his five through Minnesota, Nevada, Colorado (maybe some others) in addition to Iowa and Maine.*

But I don't know if that's how the RNC determines plurality though it seems most fair and reasonable that a vote should determine this. How else would you calculate the preferences of the state delegates themselves? Any attempt to use a proxy e.g. popular vote totals, state binding proportions etc. would be easily challenged unless it's in the rules.

That's how I see it anyway but we'd appreciate someone who is familiar with election law and its effect on the RNC national election process to comment. In particular, are there any rules regarding the determination of a plurality from state delegations?.

I do hope the Paul campaign is ready for this possible eventuality because this can still be won.

* Hopefully we won't have to rely on a lawsuit to deliver Louisiana and Oklahoma as well. The optimist in me hopes that the change in campaign focus to "delivering a message" really is to make the road smoother for more Paul delegates - sounds like it may have backfired but we'll see.