Comment: Interesting comment from Drudge link:

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Interesting comment from Drudge link:

- We haven't heard boo from Ron Paul since Rand made this announcement.
- A month or so ago Ron Paul had lunch or breakfast (can't remember which) with Ben Bernanke.
- Rand Paul's endorsement was anything but enthusiastic. It looked contrived. And let's get this straight, he made this endorsement after speaking with Romney for 30 minutes and realizing that romney was a good guy?

Some kind of deal has been struck, but we don't know what it is.

I strongly suspect that Romney (via Rand) and Bernanke (via Ron) have revealed to the father/son that a MASSIVE economic crash is coming that is going to redefine everything as we know it.

If this were the case, Romney may have offered Rand an offer he can't refuse. Endorse me and you can be part of my cabinet and be part of the team that helps us rebuild. You can help shape the future of America after the GREAT DEPRESSION 2.

If this was the case, then Rand would probably agree. He wouldn't be able to explain why he was endorsing Romney because that kind of info would be secret (ie. that a massive crash was going to happen in 2012/2013).

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