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Same thing happened with McCain in 2008, sort of

McCain did not dare step foot on Texas soil during our state convention in 2008. He did have a pre-recorded video which was shown during one of the general sessions back then. And was met with only mild clapping.

Texans have a tendency to call "bullshit" when they see it ... if they are being honest with themselves and are presented with the facts.

That is why such milquetoast candidates who purport to be presidential material shy away from potential embarrassment at such a large gathering ... the "boos" and "hisses" from the discontented in such a large group would make world headlines ... in a world where the media wasn't complicit in the deception, that is.

The fact that Dr. Paul had a breakout session of his own this year was a major step up from 2008. Dr. Paul's name was shut out of general session motions in 2008 by the chair having microphones cut whenever someone tried to acknowledge Dr. Paul's influencing a large influx of money and support into the R party.

The times, they are a changin'!