Comment: Rand did this, not the establishment

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Rand did this, not the establishment

"I donated my time and money knowing that RP would not be the eventual GOP nominee."

That's such bullshit. I did not. Millions of others did not. We believed. Ron Paul gave a very clear message that he was running for the GOP nomination and wanted to run against Obama for the office of president. He made it clear what he would do if elected president: bring the troops home, cut a trillion from the budget first year, get rid of 5 cabinet level departments.

That message, those goals inspired millions to follow him. Real goals that as president he could obtain. People gave their time and money for that first. To imply now that it was all just a tool is being disengenuous.

Yes the liberty movement is bigger than just one man or any one of us, but don't tell us that now that Rand has gone over to the dark side that it was all for nothing. How dare you?