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Ron Paul got our attention

because he would NOT play politics with corruption. That is why he gets voters from every sector....democrats,independents,libertarians....he would be the next president if the Republican establishment were behind him. Rand is NOT his father and people know it. It remains to be seen if he can get any support from people other than liberty republicans. My suspicion is that he just alienated the voters that actually could push him into the white house. If he thinks he can run on his fathers good name and reputation he has made a huge error in judgement.I would guess that at least 75% of Ron Paul supporters will NOT be voting for Romney.I decided I would NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils ever again and that would include Rand if he were a sellout republican candidate.I will be watching and listening and seeing how these politicians vote. If any have a record anywhere close to Ron Paul(Democrat or Republican)I will be supporting that person. Regardless of what someone says on a news show.....HOW THEY VOTE in congress tells the real story.